David Lindsay

David  Lindsay
Lindsay, David: - David Lindsay was born in Adelaide on 12 June 1943. He married Margie on 23 Jan 1970; he has three children, Sarah, Jodie and James; and six grandchildren, Oliver, Emily, Tom, Maggie, Eddie and Bonnie. He was educated at Grange Primary School, Saint Peter's College Adelaide, University of Sydney (Bachelor of Veterinary Science - 1970), RMIT University (Melbourne Post-Graduate Diploma in Animal Chiropractic - 2000). Professionally, he is a veterinary surgeon with particular interest in physical therapies (chiropractic) of dogs and cats. He was the National President of Australian Veterinary Association (1985-86). David is not a mathematician, neither is he a cosmologist, a physicist, or an astro-physicist, which is strange considering the meanderings of this book. David admits to being obsessive when it comes to identifying and attempting to correct mistakes. Which is not necessarily a bad characteristic in a physician or diagnostician, even a veterinary Read More chevron_right