David Walker

Walker, David: - David Walker's first book, Cobasfang Justice Returns, kicked open the door for him to share this incredible action fantasy world and spark the imagination of adventure lovers everywhere. His brilliant writing style is raw and unshackled by the polished norms of the Proper Queens English. His creative and unconventional techniques allow each character to spring to life with off the cuff hummer and playful camaraderie, making it an excellent family adventure chapter book. David Walker comes from a large family back in the burbs of Chicago. His youthful years were spent running amuck in the fields and woods surrounding his home, hunting snakes, fishing in the ponds, or digging up bones from an old abandoned farmhouse across the street. But when he ran out of things to do, you could always find him high in a willow tree, building a tree fort, or on his bike jumping homemade ramps. Shortly after graduating from Hinsdale South High, Dave hit the road to live in Read More chevron_right