Delisa New Williams

New Williams, Delisa: - DeLisa New Williams, M.B.A., a woman who's calling is to help the young and old including men and women walk in purpose and help set the people free! A 4x published author, cutting-edge speaker, and media personality of Get Your I.S.H. Together Podcast and Gracefully Blended, DeLisa brings years of life experience to the table to help others. Her self-help book, No Longer Am I a Baby Mama (2018) is also a workshop class created to coach readers from book to breakthrough. DeLisa's children's book, Mommy where is Jesus? Is He hiding in my room? (2016) was recently turned into a video read aloud for kids to enjoy and have hope during the quarantine. DeLisa lives in Chicago with her hard-working and devoted husband, and beautiful five children. To find out more, go to