Desmond Morris

Morris, Desmond: - Desmond Morris was born on the 24th January 1928 in Purton North Wiltshire England and lives in Oxford. Besides being a world-famous zoologist and ethnologist, authoring about one hundred books, he is also a well-established surrealist painter with over forty solo exhibitions. One must neither forget that over a period of fifty years in his career, he was entrusted with the production of close to eight hundred programmes for television. Together with his wife Ramona he came to live in Malta after the publication of The Naked Ape which was an immediate bestseller. One could say that our country has a special place in his heart not only because it was during his stay among us that he wrote and eventually published two other great books (The Human Zoo -1969 and Intimate Behaviour -1972), but also because it was here that his only son Jason was conceived and spent the first years of his life. In 2016, The University of Malta thought it fit to honour Desmond Morris with a Doctorate Honoris Causa.