Dias D Victor

Victor, Dias de Oliveira Santos: - A second language learning expert with vast experience in the field and a father to two amazingly funny trilingual children, Dr. Victor Santos founded Linguacious(R) with the goal of helping other families and educators worldwide support the learning of other languages in children. With the multi-award-winning Linguacious(R) vocabulary flashcard game and the Little Polyglot Books, Dr. Santos has brought to the market a smart, social, and fun solution to get children excited about learning languages. The materials feature audio pronunciation by a native speaker of each language, which is a perfect tool for those parents who may not speak the language fluently themselves but would like their kids to learn good pronunciation and interact with them. In addition, kids can play various games with the materials in order to practice their newly acquired vocabulary knowledge! In his free time, Dr. Santos is usually thinking about which languages Read More chevron_right