Dietrich Von Hildebrand

Dietrich  Von Hildebrand

DIETRICH VON HILDEBRAND (1889-1977) was the son of renowned German sculptor Adolf von Hildebrand and was born in Florence. He was a leading disciple of Edmund Husserl and Max Scheler, and he approached the big questions--about truth, freedom, conscience, community, love, and beauty--with a freshness that allowed him to tread new ground, particularly in ethics, but also in epistemology, social philosophy, and aesthetics. His conversion to Catholicism in 1914 marked a watershed moment in his life and provided the drive for significant religious works. Because of his vocal opposition to Hitler and Nazism, he was compelled to depart Germany in 1933 and later across Europe, eventually arriving in New York City in 1940, where he taught at Fordham University until 1960. He wrote a large number of novels in both German and English.

Via his seminal writings on marriage, Christian philosophy, and the wickedness of anti-Semitism, he was a prominent predecessor of Vatican II. CROSBY, Read More chevron_right

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