Don Hurd

Don Hurd grew up in Southwest, a small Texas community that took its name from a prominent filling station. Outside of the local school library, the most common printed materials were seed catalogs and The Farmer's Almanac. Hurd dropped out of school at age twelve, choosing a path of independent study and devouring classics and hipster lit with equal relish. After obtaining his General Education Diploma, he attended San Antonio College and St. Mary's University, graduating with a degree in English Lit. He has been an active participant in the San Antonio literary scene. He served as editor of ViAztlan, the International Journal of Chicano Arts and Letters. He was founder of the NO CONCEPT ART performance poetry series, and co-founder with the poet Ricardo Sanchez of the Paperbacks Y Mas reading series. He is the author of A Lesser Grief and River Man, available from Toad Press and Deep Throat Giraffe Publishing. His work has appeared in the Trinity Review, Revista/Review Read More chevron_right
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