Don Lomax

Don Lomax has made a name for himself with Vietnam Journal, a two-decade endeavor that is still going strong today. The series is unique in the sense that it attracts not only to comic book lovers but also to people who aren't familiar with the medium. Easyrider, CARtoons, Heavy Metal, Overdrive, Police and Security News, American Towman, and many other national magazines have published his comics and cartoons on a regular basis for nearly 40 years. He also worked for Pacific, Marvel, First, Americomics, Fantagraphics, Eros, and other prominent comic book publishers. He claimed he enjoyed working on Alan Moore's American Flagg and inking Tom Sutton's pencils on Marvel's Sleepwalker.

Don, a multi-talented artist, also contributed to Munden's Tavern, a frequent feature in First Comics' Grimjack series. He was hired to write Marvel Comics' The 'Nam after his success on Vietnam Journal.