Don Richardson

Don  Richardson

Don Richardson (born 1935) labored among the tribal people of Western New Guinea, Indonesia, as a Christian missionary, teacher, author, and international speaker. In 1962, he and his wife Carol, along with their seven-month-old infant, went to serve for the Regions Beyond Missionary Union among the Sawi tribe of what was then Dutch New Guinea. Cannibalistic headhunters were known among the Sawi. Exposure to malaria, diarrhea, and hepatitis, as well as the potential of violence, were all part of living with them in virtual seclusion from the modern world. Don and his wife returned to North America in 1977, where he joined his mission (now known as World Team) as a minister-at-large.

Don also began teaching at the United States Military Academy. Director of Tribal Peoples' Studies at the Center for Global Mission in Pasadena. Under the auspices of USCWM, he was crucial in the launch of the Perspectives on the Global Christian Movement course. Richardson has continued to teach Read More chevron_right