Donna M Rink

Rink, Donna M.: - Donna M. Rink is an artist, song writer, inventor and author. She is the author and artist of her first picture book Alpha Buddies Land. Alpha Buddies Land is the first picture book in a series of eight other upcoming exciting stories. Alpha Buddies Land originated from the award winning invention Alpha Buddies. Donna is the inventor of the Alpha Buddies plush toys and the creator of the new Alpha Buddies Cartoon Characters. Alpha Buddies was awarded a Gold Medal for Toys, a Silver Medal for Education and Women Inventor of the Year at the Impex Invention Show in Pennsylvania. Donna is also the song writer of her first song, Alpha Buddies Dance that goes along with one of her upcoming books. Currently, Donna is working with a production company on an Alpha Buddies Land cartoon series.
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