Doreen Virtue

Since he was a child, Charles Virtue has been in touch with the angels. In his early twenties, he began giving angel oracle card readings and assisting individuals in receiving true direction from their angels. Since the inception of Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Practitioner(R) classes, he has collaborated closely with his mother, international best-selling author Doreen Virtue. He has been training and certifying thousands of people in over 25 nations to connect with a higher energy in order to bring happiness, purpose, and guidance into their life since 2007. Charles combines his innate intuition with knowledge gained through a lifetime of exposure to the metaphysical world to provide us the Angel Certification Program (ACP), Mediumship, Life Purpose/Manifestation, and Teacher Training Programs as a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner(R).

The majority of the courses Charles offers are now available in simple downloading formats for home study. The books Awaken Your Indigo Read More chevron_right