Duane Elmer

Duane  Elmer

The Ph.D. program is directed by Duane H.Elmer (Ph.D., Michigan State University). It is the G. program in educational studies. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, holds the W.Aldeen Chair in International Studies. He has delivered cross-cultural training to Fortune 500 corporations, relief and development agencies, mission organizations, churches, and educational institutions, in addition to visiting and lecturing in over 75 countries. He has also worked for peace and reconciliation in a number of countries.

He recently delivered faculty development workshops on the theme of Teaching for Change at over 25 European and Middle Eastern schools. He has taught at Durban Bible College, Michigan State University, and Wheaton College and Graduate School in Durban, South Africa. Moody Monthly, Evangelical Missions Quarterly, Christian Education Journal, Discernment, and Christianity Today have all published his articles. Developing Relationships, With an Eye on the Future: Church and Development in the Twenty-First Century, Cross-Cultural Conflict, and Cross-Cultural Links are some of his books.