Eben Hewitt

Eben Hewitt is the chief architect and CTO at Sabre Hospitality, where he is in charge of the company's technological strategy, as well as developing and leading teams to construct large-scale, mission-critical systems. He combines creativity, architecture and design, leadership, and global corporate business development in his work. He's worked as the CTO of one of the world's leading hotel corporations as well as the CIO of O'Reilly Media. At three different organizations, Eben has started architecture divisions. He's also the author of various books on architecture, services, Java, and web development, including Technology Strategy Patterns (2018) and Cassandra: The Complete Guide (two editions, translated into Chinese), as well as several other books on architecture, services, Java, and web development.

He has received prizes for innovation and has been invited to speak at events such as Amazon AWS, Oracle headquarters, and conferences all around the world. His first full-length play was staged in New York City, and he is a full member of the Dramatists Guild.