Eddie Jones

Jones, Eddie: - Eddie is an award-winning author of middle-grade fiction with HarperCollins. Father of two boys, he's also a pirate at heart who loves to surf. Eddie's middle grade Monster Mystery series is wholesome, humorous reading with a flair for unexpected adventure. The series has a spooky but spiritual message based on real monsters (sort of) found in Scripture. Hints at werewolves, ghosts, mediums, vampires, walking dead, mummies, demons, witches, and phantoms are all mentioned in the Bible. But are they real? Nick Caden doesn't think so. In each episode he sets out to prove who the real killer is. The fourth book in the series, Rumor of a Werewolf, released in June 2019 and took third place in the Selah awards for Middle Grade fiction. Phantom Gunslinger released November, 2020. Each book has OFFICIAL CRIMINAL REPORT QUESTIONS so readers can easily complete a book report. The Caribbean Chronicles is a humorous time-travel pirate fantasy adventure series. The Read More chevron_right