Edmund Burke

EDMUND BURKE was born in Dublin, Ireland, on January 12, 1729. Raised as a Protestant, he studied at Trinity College, after which he intended to embark on a career in law. Burke left Ireland in 1750 to further his studies at the Middle Temple in London.

In England, Burke eventually gave up his law studies and set about to pursue a career in literature. Although his early writings (A Vindication of Natural Society, published in 1756, and A Philo-sophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, published in 1757) impressed such notables as Immanuel Kant and G. E. Lessing, Burke failed to win the acclaim he desired. Probably the most notable of his early literary achievements was the launching of a new magazine, Dodsley's Annual Register in 1758, for which Burke most likely wrote the majority of its original articles, at least until 1765.

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