Edwin A Locke

At the Robert H. Smith School of Business, Edwin A. Locke is Dean's Professor of Motivation and Leadership. The University of Maryland's Smith School of Business is also linked with the Department of Psychology. His undergraduate degree in Psychology, as well as his MA and Ph.D., were all earned at Harvard. degrees from Cornell University He has almost 200 articles, chapters, and books to his credit, including (with G.

A Theory of Goal Planning and Task Performance, The Essence of Leadership (with others), and Prime Movers: The Characteristics of the Great Wealth Producers (all by Latham). Dr. Locke has earned the Association for Industrial Organizational Psychology's Outstanding Scientific Contribution Award as well as the H. The Academy of Management's Human Resource Division gave him the Heneman Career Contribution Award. He has also garnered various teaching accolades, including the University of Maryland's Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award.