Edwin L Lefvre

Lefü¾Ž†”¼vre, Edwin: - Edwin Lefü¾Ž†”¼vre (1871-1943) was an American journalist, writer, and diplomat who is most noted for his writings about Wall Street, most notably Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (1923). He began his career as a journalist and eventually became a stockbroker as well. Edwin Lefü¾Ž†”¼vre's first short stories were published under the title, Wall Street Stories (1901), which were followed by several novels about money and finance. Lefü¾Ž†”¼vre was appointed an Ambassador of the United States by President Howard Taft in 1909, serving in posts in Italy, France, and Spain. In 1913, Lefü¾Ž–”¼vre returned to his home in Vermont where he resumed writing novels and contributing short stories for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and McClure's.