Elecia White

Elecia White has worked on DNA scanners, inertial measurement units for planes and race cars, preschool toys, a gunshot locating system for arresting criminals, and a variety of other medical and consumer products. She is the founder of Logical Elegance, a San Jose-based embedded systems consulting firm. Elecia has honed her signal processing, hardware integration, complicated system design, and performance talents. She understands the necessity of developing quality designs and how they lead to quality implementations, having gone through the FAA and FDA certification processes. Elecia has spent numerous years in managerial roles, but she appreciates hands-on engineering and the thrill of delivering good products. She continues to lead and coach, but she prefers to concentrate on the technical aspects of a project. Elecia is a graduate of Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, and she enjoys expressing her enthusiasm for science, engineering, and cool gadgets, especially how they may improve the world.

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