Elias Lonnrot

Elias  Lonnrot

Elias Lonnrot (1802-1884) was a philologist and collector of traditional Finnish oral poetry who lived in Finland from 1802 to 1884. He is primarily renowned for writing the Kalevala, a national epic of Finland based on mythology. His main love was the Finnish language, which he grew up speaking. In 1827, he began writing on the early Finnish language and began collecting folk tales from individuals living in the countryside at the time. This resulted in a series of books: Kantele, 1829-1831 (the kantele is a Finnish traditional instrument); Kalevala, 1835-1836 (perhaps Land of Heroes; better known as the old Kalevala); Kanteletar, 1840 (probably Kantele Daughter); Sananlaskuja, 1842 (Proverbs); and Finsk-Svenskt lexikon, 1866-1880 (Finnish-Swed He died at Sammatti, in the region of Uusimaa, on March 19, 1884.