Elsa Charretier

Elsa  Charretier

Elsa Charretier is a comic book artist and illustrator from France. She began her career at Image Comics, where she worked on an issue of COWL, before going on to IDW to publish her own mini-series, The Infinite Loop. She's worked on Starfire, DC's Bombshells, and Harley Quinn since then, and she'll be joining Marvel in 2017 for the upcoming Unstoppable Wasp regular title. She's also working on Windhaven, a graphic novel by George RR Martin that will be released in 2018.Pierrick Colinet is a comic book writer. He worked on The Guardian of the Republic and Aeternum Vale in France, both of which were released in 2014.

The Infinite Loop, a science fiction love story between two ladies published by IDW, was his next project. He is now working on projects for a variety of publications.