Emily Buehler

Buehler, Emily: - As a child, Emily Buehler wanted to be an artist, but she ended up studying chemistry. She completed graduate school and then became a bread baker, where she quickly noticed how much chemistry is involved in making bread. Teaching bread-making classes, where students responded enthusiastically to discussions of science, inspired Emily to write Bread Science, a book about the science and craft of baking, written in understandable language. She realized her childhood inklings had been correct, and she was meant to be a writer. Emily's second book, Somewhere and Nowhere, is a memoir of a bicycle trip from New Jersey to Oregon that explores the benefits of living in the present moment. Self-help author Ragini Michaels describes the book as An enjoyable and worthy read for anyone interested in living a more balanced and happy life. Emily is currently writing fiction in various genres including fantasy romance. She also copyedits academic papers and fiction Read More chevron_right