Eric Shanower

Eric  Shanower

Eric Shanower is the author of Age of Bronze, a graphic novel retelling of the Trojan War that won an Eisner Award and became a New York Times best seller. Age of Bronze is still in development. The story has been released in four volumes and is more than a third completed. Eventually completed, Age of Bronze will recount the entire story of the epic Trojan War, weaving together the many different versions of the story that have been told throughout the years. Shanower is the creator of the Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland comic series, which is illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez.

For a modern audience, this series resurrects Winsor McCay's iconic comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. Shanower's artwork has been featured in periodicals, children's books, and television shows. His works include the Oz graphic novel series (now collected as Adventures in Oz), An Accidental Death with writer Ed Brubaker, The Elsewhere Prince with writers Moebius and R-JM Lofficier, and the Read More chevron_right