Eric Wagner

Wagner, Eric: - Born in 1962 in Washington, D.C. to two former NSA computer programmers. Eric and his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in November, 1967. In 1982 he began reading Robert Anton Wilson's books, and in 1986 the two began corresponding. In the years since Eric began reading Wilson, he has traveled from Ingolstadt, Bavaria, to Aswan, Egypt, from Country Kerry, Ireland, to Honolulu, Hawaii, attempting to understand the ideas behind Wilson's works. Eric has worked as a computer programmer, operator and microcoder, a musician, a poet, a technical writer, a dancer, a film historian and a teacher, etc. He earned a B.A. in English from Arizona State University in 1985. He earned an M.A. in English Composition from California State University at San Bernardino in 2004. His first book, An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson, came out in 2005. Since then he has pursued a campaign of remedial reading, reading Melville, Tolstoy, Proust, Stendhal, etc.