Eric Yoder

Eric Yoder is a writer and editor who has written about science, government, law, business, sports, and other issues for a range of periodicals, newspapers, newsletters, and online media. He has contributed to or edited a number of books, mostly on employee benefits and financial planning. He was a member of the Advisory Committee for Science, Naturally's 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science. He is a reporter at The Washington Post who also does freelance writing and editing. Mathematicians, physicists, and educators have praised the three volumes in his One Minute Mysteries series, which have won multiple honors. Natalie and Valerie, his two kids, are the result of his marriage to Patti.

Eric's email address is [email protected] Natalie Yoder is a college student who enjoys psychology, science, and photography among other things. She engages in gymnastics, field hockey, diving, soccer, and track and field. She also likes to write, spend time with her Read More chevron_right