Erin J Mcdowell

ERIN JEANNE MCDOWELL is an award-winning food stylist, author, and recipe developer who specializes in baking. The New York Times called her first book, The Brave Baker, one of the Best Baking Books of 2017. She writes for New York Times Cooking, Food52 (where she also works as Baking Consultant at Large), and PureWow on a regular basis. She teaches weekly baking workshops on Food Network Cooking and hosts the Food52 show Bake It Up a Notch. The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Food and Wine Magazine, Food Network Magazine, and Rachel Ray Magazine have all highlighted Erin.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Fine Food Magazine, Bake From Scratch Magazine, and Sift Magazine have all published her work. She is a resident of North Bergen, New Jersey, where she works.