Erwan Le Corre

Born in the French countryside, Erwan Le Corre spent his youth playing outdoors, learning physical fitness through running, climbing, crawling, and jumping. He began studying karate at fifteen and received his black belt at eighteen. At nineteen he joined a secretive group in Paris he calls the Fight Club of Natural Movement, which is dedicated to extreme physical and mental training through jumping from roof to roof, balancing at heights, climbing bridges, swimming in cold waters, and training in fighting skills in subway tunnels--always at night and barefoot. Erwan went on to explore a broad range of activities, including Olympic weightlifting, rock climbing, trail running, and Brazilian jiujitsu. After studying all these sports, Erwan started to develop his own fitness methodology. He combined what he learned from his own experiences with his knowledge of ancient physical fitness practices to create an approach that is about a broader understanding of human movement and health: a system for training and coaching he called MovNat.