Essynce E Moore

Essynce Moore started designing clothes at the tender age of 6 with just for fun doodles in her school binder and notepads. Her passion was and still is, to find her own style and to share her creative UPSCALE clothing ideas and styles with youth around the world. Essynce is a TWEEN that has turned her passion into a business for 2013, with the launch of her official clothing line branded Essynce Couture, LLC with the motto a child's passion for fashion. Essynce Couture also has a natural body product line for children, tweens, and teens labeled Wynk by Essynce Couture. In 2015 Essynce launched Essynce Couture Spa and Boutique EXCLUSIVELY for Children, Tweens, and Teens to give the youth a place of their own to visit and be pampered, inspired, and educated. Essynce is an entrepreneur, child's fashion designer/stylist, author, actress, celebrity, motivational speaker, and fashionista. She's been in numerous fashion shows, pageants, karate tournaments and has spoken at numerous Read More chevron_right