Carey F A

Francis A.Carey is a native of Pennsylvania who received his education in Philadelphia public schools and at Drexel University (B.S.). In 1959, he earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a doctorate in chemistry from Penn State. After postdoctoral work at Harvard and military duty, he was assigned to the University of Virginia's chemistry faculty in 1966. He routinely taught the two-semester lecture courses in general chemistry and organic chemistry before retiring in 2000. Professor Carey has co-authored over forty research articles in synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry with his students. Professor Sundberg focuses on teaching and chemical education.

Along with Francis A. Advanced Organic Chemistry is written by Carey. Professor Sundberg is especially interested in synthetic approach in heterocyclic chemistry and is the author of Indoles (Academic Press, 1996), which is part of the Best Synthetic Methodologies Series.