Frank Beddor

Frank  Beddor

In the New York Times bestselling young adult trilogy The Looking Glass Wars, literary investigator, world inventor, and cosplay maniac Frank Beddor attempted to discover the true narrative of Wonderland. In the Eisner-nominated graphic novel series Hatter M., he continues to chronicle the story of Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan's adventures throughout his search for the missing princess to satiate his readers' piqued interest. The Benjamin Franklin Award for best YA audiobook went to The Looking Glass Wars in 2007. Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X., Frank's latest study into his other Wonderland, follows thirteen-year-old cadet Hatter Madigan and his fellow cadets on their experiences at the Millinery School. Frank currently resides in Los Angeles, where he is working on a Broadway adaptation of The Looking Glass Wars.