Garrett Grolemund

Garrett Grolemund works at RStudio as a statistician, teacher, and R developer. Data analysis, he believes, is a largely untapped source of value for both industry and science. Garrett earned his Ph.D. at Hadley Wickham's lab at Rice University, where his research traced the roots of data analysis as a cognitive process and identified how attentional and epistemological concerns influence all data analysis. Garrett is passionate about assisting others in avoiding the frustration and unneeded learning he had when mastering data analysis. He began offering business training in R and data analysis for Revolutions Analytics even before completing his PhD. He's taught at Google, eBay, Axciom, and a number of other firms, and he's presently working on a RStudio training curriculum to make useful knowledge even more accessible.

Garrett spends his time outside of the classroom conducting clinical trials research, legal research, and financial analysis. He also creates R software; he Read More chevron_right