Gayle Carline

Gayle  Carline
Snoopy (aka One Flashy Investment) is a California boy who loves to throw things so much, he'd have been a major league baseball pitcher if he only had opposable thumbs. He was happy to dictate his story to his writing partner, equine patron, and MomToo, Gayle Carline. Gayle gives her first horse Frostie all the credit for her writing career. She told her husband, Dale, that she wanted to write, so in 1999 he bought her a laptop for Christmas. A year after that, he gave her horseback riding lessons. When she bought Frostie, she finally started writing. These days, she divides her days between writing humor columns for her local newspaper, writing mysteries for a larger audience, and spending quality time with her family: husband Dale, son Marcus, and four-legged kids Katy the cat, Duffy and Lady Spazzleton the dogs, and of course, Frostie and Snoopy. For more merriment, visit her at http: //, and be sure to check out Snoopy's blog at http: //