George Eliot

GEORGE ELIOT was born Mary Ann Evans in Warwickshire, England, on November 22, 1819. The daughter of an estate manager, Evans spent her childhood living on the Newdigate estate in Griff House with her parents; sister, Chrissie; and brother, Isaac. Upon the death of her mother and Chrissie's marriage, she assumed charge of Griff House. After Isaac's marriage and her father's retirement, Evans went with her father to live in Coventry. Marian (as she now wrote her name) became a close friend of Charles Bray, a wealthy manufacturer who had abandoned conventional Christianity to live by his own system of ethics. Influenced by Bray, she translated David Friedrich Strauss's Life of Jesus from the German.

After her father's death, Evans went to London, where she had been offered a job as assistant editor of the Westminster Review by John Chapman, the publisher of her translation of Strauss's Life of Jesus. Here she socialized with many of the leading writers and Read More chevron_right