George Mumford

George  Mumford

George Mumford has been teaching mindfulness and meditation since 1989, when he quit his job as a financial planner to pursue a master's degree in counseling psychology. He directed a jail initiative that taught mindfulness practices to over 5,000 New England convicts while working at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness. Mumford was forced to retire from basketball while a student-athlete at the University of Massachusetts (where he shared a room with Julius Erving). The painkillers numbed him to the emptiness he felt without the game that had been his greatest passion, leading him to turn to drugs. Mumford returned to the game he loves, teaching his breakthrough mindfulness skills in the NBA, after getting clean and making meditation the center of his life.

George Mumford speaks at national and international business and sporting conferences on a regular basis. He currently resides in Massachusetts.

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