Gretchen Owocki

Gretchen Owocki highlights the significance of incorporating relevant education into not only classic reading-instruction themes like comprehension, but also contemporary ones like Common Core and RTI. She brilliantly breaks down instructional difficulties and methods into small chunks in the bestselling titles The Common Core Writing Book, 6-8; The Common Core Reading Book, 6-8; The Common Core Lesson Book, K-5; The Common Core Writing Book, K-5; and The RTI Daily Planning Book, which help teachers differentiate teaching, accomplish curricular goals, and progress as practitioners. She has worked with teachers for over 15 years to help them uncover research-based strategies that promote learning by allowing kids to experience curriculum as part of their own growth. She provides instruction that engages children via authentic, meaningful work and challenges them to improve as readers and writers in other Heinemann publications such as Comprehension, Make Place for Literacy, and Time Read More chevron_right