Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is a well-known and thought-provoking observer of happiness and human behavior today. Outer Order, Inner Calm, The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, and The Happiness Project are among her many works, which have all been New York Times bestsellers. Her works have sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide in more than thirty languages, and she has a large print and online following. Gretchen Rubin tackles happiness and healthy habits in her top-rated, award-winning podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin. She's also a CBS News commentator who offers weekly advice on how to live a happier life.

Gretchen Rubin began her legal career as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor before deciding to pursue a career as a writer. She was born in Kansas City and now lives with her husband and two daughters in New York City.