Hal Foster

Hal  Foster

Hal Foster is the Townsend Martin Class of 1917 Professor of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University, where he teaches modernist and contemporary art and theory classes as well as directing the graduate proseminar in methodology. He teaches in the School of Architecture and the Department of German as an associate professor; he also works in the Media and Modernity and European Cultural Studies programs. His books include The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture and Recodings: Art, Spectacle, Cultural Politics, both published by The New Press. Debates in Contemporary Culture #1 and Vision and Visuality: Discussions in Contemporary Culture #2, both published by New Press, are edited by him. Foster is a regular contributor to October, which he co-edits, Artforum, the London Review of Books, and New Left Review. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.