Hal Harvey

Michael H. Shuman is the executive director of the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank in Washington, D.C. Since graduating from Stanford Law School, he has cowritten one book (Citizen Diplomats: Path-finders in Soviet-American Relations, 1987) and coedited two others (Conditions of Peace: An Inquiry; 1992, and Technology for the Common Good, 1993). He has also written articles for such periodicals as The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Foreign Policy, Parade, and the New York Times. Hal Harvey is the executive director of the San Francisco-based Energy Foundation, which is a joint endeavor of the Rockefeller, Pew, and MacArthur foundations. The Energy Foundation's mission is to assist in the nation's transition to a sustainable energy future by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy. Previously, Mr. Harvey was the executive vice-president of the International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity, where he directed its energy project and GlasNet computer network project. He has bachelors and masters degrees from Stanford in engineering.