Harvey Fierstein

Harvey  Fierstein

Harvey Fierstein is a Tony Award-winning playwright, actor, and homosexual rights activist who has won four Tony Awards. He won two Tony Awards in 1983 for writing and performing in Torch Song Trilogy, a third Tony in 1984 for writing La Cage aux Folles, and a fourth in 2003 for Best Actor in Hairspray. He is best known to moviegoers for his scene-stealing antics in Mrs. He played Mulan's soldier sidekick in Disney's Mulan, and contributed his signature gravelly voice to Doubtfire and Independence Day. He's appeared in a number of TV shows, including an Emmy-nominated episode of Cheers and a famous episode of The Simpsons as Homer's helper, Karl.

From the Emmy-winning Elmo Saves Christmas, children know him as the Easter Bunny. Harvey also penned the book for Kinky Boots, which received the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2013.