Heidi K Brown

Heidi K. Brown is an Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Legal Writing Program at Brooklyn Law School. For nearly two decades as a litigator in the rough-and-tumble construction industry, Heidi battled social anxiety and extreme public speaking anxiety in performance-oriented scenarios such as depositions, negotiations, and court appearances. Transitioning to law teaching and recognizing similar angst and trepidation in many of her hard-working legal writing students, Heidi began tackling this issue head-on, studying introversion, shyness, and social anxiety in the legal context. Embracing and championing introversion and other forms of quietude as formidable assets in teaching, learning about, and practicing law, Heidi's passion lies in emboldening quiet law students and lawyers toward authentically empowered advocacy. Heidi is a recipient of the 2014 Global Legal Skills Award presented at the Ninth Annual Global Legal Skills Conference in Verona, Italy, and a member of the Read More chevron_right