Helen Prejean

Helen  Prejean

Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, of the Congregation of St. Joseph, is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph. Joseph is well-known around the world for initiating a conversation on the death sentence. Prejean created the bestselling Dead Man Walking after witnessing the electrocution of a condemned man in a Louisiana prison in 1984. He set out to bring civilians closer to the harsh truths of government killings through storytelling. Her endeavor has led her to every state in the United States. Her personal appeals to two popes helped influence Catholic opposition to the death penalty in the state and at the Vatican. When she's not on the road, this lifelong Louisianan enjoys telling Cajun jokes, eating Southern cooking, playing spirited card games, and writing about her obsession with the Divine spark that she believes is present in everyone: the desire to seek truth, love ardently, and face the suffering world head on.