Henry James

Henry  James
HENRY JAMES was born in New York City on April 15, 1843, into a wealthy, sophisticated family. He was the son of Henry James, Sr., a noted Swedenborgian philosopher and social theorist, and the younger brother of the psychologist and philosopher William James. The Jameses, avid theater-goers and book readers, traveled frequently abroad. James attended a number of schools and also had private tutors; but his greatest education came from his voracious reading, especially of novels, and his solitary walks in European cities where he observed the people around him. This solitariness was intensified when in 1861 the eighteen-year-old James injured his back while helping to put out a fire, which made him ineligible to enlist as a soldier with the North in the Civil War. Thereafter James - who would refer to this injury as a horrid even if obscure hurt - became more a detached observer of life than an active participant in it.

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