Henry Stark

Henry Stark is emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. He is married to Alice D. Stark and has two children and three grandchildren. He has received the Esther Hoffman Beller Prize from the Optical Society of America for the quality of his textbooks. His book: Probability and Random Processes with Application to Signal Processing 3rd edition (written with John W. Woods) is the best selling high-level text in this area and is used in the nation's most elite universities. He is international known for his research in medical imaging and optics. In the non-technical area, his article Coming out of Hiding, was chosen for publication in the special 10th Anniversary Issue of The Hidden Child, the foremost newsletter of child survivors of the Holocaust in WWII. The Hidden Child is published by the Anti Defamation League. Several of his textbooks have been translated into Russian. Heart Lesssons is his first attempt at writing fiction. He is presently at work on a children's book called The Adventures of Jasmine Turmalina.