Hester Leung

Leung, Hester: - Sema and Hester live with their families in neighbouring suburbs of Sydney. With their life and work experiences, Sema and Hester know that developing a personal tool kit helps to provide support in whatever girls choose to do in their lives. When Sema is not writing, she leads a team of professionals improving governance and conduct in a leading financial services organisation. She is the deputy chair and director of one of Australia's largest not-for-profit providers of childcare and early education services. Sema is also an executive coach on ethics. As for Hester, previously a corporate and financial services lawyer, she is now working on developing disability and social housing. Hester is also on the governing body of a women and children's shelter located in south-east Sydney. Sema and Hester understand the essence of motherhood and parenting and being a crucial example to their children, families and communities. Through their life experiences and their friendship, they are now inspiring girls to stand up for what they think is right and to be confident and courageous through their books.