Holly Jackson

Jackson, Holly: - Holly Jackson was born in January 1971 in a small country town in South Australia.
Married at 22 years of age, she had four children from the marriage before their separation in 2007. As a single mother of four children, Holly completed her education at the age of 36 and obtained a degree in business management and administration. Holly then proceeded to design and develop her own fashion design business which flourished for three years before she closed the business and put pen to paper.
Over the next six years, Holly concentrated her efforts on her new direction of writing. In 2017, Holly relocated to her hometown in South Australia and rebuilt her life after a long struggle; financially, physically, and mentally. Determined, self-taught Holly then went on to complete her first book Reality over a period of six years and obtained a publishing contract with Austin Macauley Publishers, London. Holly's vision was to encourage and inspire other people to reach past their present situation and follow their dreams, inspirations and goals and never be discouraged by others. You are your own success.