Howard Weinstein

Howard  Weinstein
Weinstein, Howard: -

Defying the odds, New York Times-bestselling author Howard Weinstein became a professional writer at age 19, when he sold a script for The Pirates of Orion episode to NBC's Emmy-winning animated Star Trek television series in 1974--while still a student at the University of Connecticut. An award-winning author of 16 books, he is best known for four decades of contributions to the legendary Star Trek universe--including seven novels, 65 comic books, graphic novels, and story-development contributions to the beloved movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, /em>.

Non-fiction credits include a biography of baseball superstar Mickey Mantle; Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul, a memoir about his first great Welsh Corgi, Mail Order Annie; and numerous articles and columns in major newspapers and magazines (including The New York Times and Read More chevron_right