Ian Shaw

Ian  Shaw

Dr Shaw was born and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Before studying medicine at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University, he graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Pharmacology from the University of Bradford and was subsequently awarded a PhD by Cambridge University. He trained in
anaesthesia and intensive care in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and the teaching hospitals of Newcastle upon Tyne. For the past 20 years Dr Shaw has been a Consultant Anaesthetist and an honorary Clinical Lecturer in the teaching hospitals of Newcastle upon Tyne. His areas of clinical practice
include: anaesthesia for oral and maxillofacial surgery; ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery; and upper gastrointestinal surgery, in particular major oesophageal surgery. For the past eleven years Dr Shaw was a Royal College of Anaesthetists Final Fellowship examiner and chairman of the Final
Fellowship Clinical Science Oral examination. Professor Chandra Kumar is a Consultant Read More chevron_right