Ifunanyachukwu P Esonwune

Esonwune, Ifunanyachukwu P.: - Ifunanyachukwu Paula Esowune was born in 2009. Her love for writing and drawing began quite early in her life. As a toddler, she would scribble on any white surface that looked like paper/drawing material. Ifunanyachukwu is an all-A's Honor Roll student; she started her educational journey at Hearne Elementary, Alief School District, Houston, Texas, at 5 years old. Ifunanyachukwu won first place in the Little Stars Spelling Bee Competition in 2014, and won the President's Award for Educational Excellence in recognition of her outstanding academic excellence in 2016, signed by former US President Barrack Obama and the Acting U.S. Secretary of Education at that time. She won several other academic awards, including the Three R's Award for building Relationships, being Responsible and showing Respect; the Master of Mathematics award; Fabulous Behavior award; and the Spelling Bee Super Star award, to mention a few. Ifunanyachukwu moved with her Read More chevron_right
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