Ivan Panin

IVAN PANIN was born in Russia in 1855. A firm agnostic and nihilist, he was exiled for participating in plots against his government, emigrated to Germany, and eventually to the United States. Here he graduated from Harvard as a Master of Literary Criticism, delivering outstanding lectures at premium venues. His conversion to Christianity in the late 1880's was an event that produced no small public stir, as his agnostic position was well-known and had been considered unassailable. In 1890, his attention was caught by the first chapter of John, in which the article is used before God in one instance, then left out in the next (...and the Word was with the God, and the Word was God). His keen literary and mathematical mind was aroused, and he began to examine the text to see if there was an underlying pattern contributing to what arrested his trained eye. Making parallel lists of verses with and without the article, he discovered striking mathematical relationships. Undaunted by the Read More chevron_right