Ivar Jacobson

Dr. Ivar Jacobson earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Ivar has worked in both academia and industry. He is the author of eleven books, has over a hundred articles published, and is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences. Ivar Jacobson is a key originator of components and component architecture, work that was adopted by Ericsson and resulted in Sweden's (and still is) greatest commercial success story.

He invented use cases and Objectory, which led to the Rational Unified Process, a popular technique, after Rational Software was acquired in 2000. He's also one of the three people who created the Unified Modeling Language. But it's all in the past now. Ivar Jacobson International, his most recent company, has been focused on applying methods and tools in a smart, superlight, and agile manner since 2004.

Ivar is also the founder and head of SEMAT, a global network whose purpose is to transform software development through the application of a software engineering kernel. This kernel has been realized as a formal standard known as Essence, which is the book's central concept.