J D Spurlock

-Editor with an essay/foreword by J. David Spurlock
- Original editor: Russ Jones (Bio: Canadian novelist, illustrator, and editor, best known as the founding editor of the Creepy magazine)
- Cover Illustrator: Frank Frazetta (Bio: February 9, 1928 - May 10, 2010) an American, Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame artist often referred to as the Godfather of fantasy art, and one of the most renowned illustrators of the 20th century.)
- Based on the book by Bram Stoker
- Adaptation writer: Otto Binder (Bio: Comicbook and science-fiction author, co-creator of Supergirl)
- Adaptation Illustrator: Alden McWilliams (Bio: artist of Star Trek, Twin Earths, Creepy)
- Introduction by Christopher Lee (Bio: Famous actor who portrayed Dracula)